Ballistics TV – Compare Loads

Video demonstrates how easy it is to compare up to 3 loads in Shoot! You can watch the trajectory on a scaled target image (Note: We were the first ballistics software to show ballistics simulation on a target image way back when version 1.0 was released in 1998!) OR you can graph the trajectories. You can easily compare loads out to 1500 yards or meters.


Ballistics Terms Explained:

Velocity: The speed of a bullet, measured in Feet per second (fps).

Energy: The amount of energy a bullet develops, represented in Foot-Pound (Ft-Lbs).

Path: The bullet path is the vertical distance of the bullet’s trajectory above or below the line of sight.

What is the Line Of Sight? Imagine a straight line being drawn from the sights to an object or animal you are aiming at. This is defined as the Line of Sight.

Drop: As soon as the bullet leaves the rifle’s barrel, it is subject to gravity and begins to drop immediately. If numbers in this column do not vary markedly from range to range, then the load is a flat shooter. Drop is always measured from the Line of Departure (LOD). That is, the path of the bullet as it leaves the rifle’s barrel.

Drift: A lateral change in bullet trajectory caused by crosswinds or angled winds (i.e. coming from North West, South East, etc). In other words the bullet is being pushed to one side of the Line of Sight (LOS).

TOF: The time it takes, in seconds, for the bullet to reach a given distance.

The experiments possible with Compare Loads are endless.

For example, you could compare three similar 130gn .270 Winchester bullets from different manufacturers, fire them at the same velocity and observe which bullet drops less and therefore shoots flatter over the longer ranges. If you increased the velocity by 100 fps, what difference would this make? You can easily explore these scenarios and many more with Shoot! using ‘Compare Loads’.

You can also graph the ballistic comparisons out to 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1500 yards/metres.

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