Ballistics TV – Set Atmospheric Conditions

Video demonstration of Shoot! ballistics app/software showing how to change atmospheric conditions, such as Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed and Wind Direction (i.e. setting the wind direction from a custom angle, like 220 degrees, or from North (headwind) or South (tailwind) or North West, etc).


Ballistic Terms Explained:

Altitude: The height above sea-level of any point on the earth’s surface. As the altitude increases, there’s less drag on the bullet. SHOOT! lets you set the altitude to any value between 0 and 25000 feet above sea level.

Temperature: A change in temperature in the atmosphere affects the drag on the bullet. SHOOT! lets you set the temperature to any value between 0 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
Humidity: A change in humidity in the atmosphere affects the drag on the bullet, but not as great as temperature changes. If you are unsure what the relative humidity in your hunting area or local gun range is, set this to 0 (zero).

Barometric Pressure: A change in barometric pressure affects the drag on the bullet. A value higher than 29.92 In Hg will result in increased air pressure and thus increased drag on the bullet.

Wind Speed

The speed of the wind in Mph.

Here are some approximate wind speed figures when trying to determine wind speed while hunting or at the range.

2-4MphThe grass and leaves move. Small limbs on trees also move.

5-9MphThe grass starts to lean pretty well. Smaller limbs on the trees are moving constantly and thicker limbs barely move.

10-14MphThe thicker limbs are moving and the grass is being pushed strongly during the stronger gusts.

15-20MphThe trees are swaying and the grass is in constant motion.

Wind Direction: The direction of the wind, relative to the shooters position.

For example, a wind that is blowing towards you (in your face) while shooting is a headwind (coming from 12 o’clock or North). A wind blowing from the right side of your shooting position is a crosswind coming from 3 o’clock or East. SHOOT! allows you to enter a custom wind direction angle, like 34 degrees or 220 degrees (anywhere between 0-359 degrees).


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