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Version: 10.0
Size: PC Version: 5MB  Mac Version: 17MB
PC Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Mac Requirements: Mac 10.7.1 Lion and higher only
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New Ballistics software/app ideal for hunters, reloaders and target shooters

Shoot! calculates the necessary information to turn your gun/ammo combination into a sharp shooting outfit YOU will be confident using with every shot. You will easily understand how your favourite reload or factory ammo performs out to 200 or 2500 yards using Shoot! ballistics software. Knowledge of how your gun and ammunition performs is the key to consistent, accurate shooting.

“I used SHOOT to fine tune my Browning .308 BLR and it was on the money! With All loads and Manufacturers. THANKS!!!”
Paul Casale, USA.

Here is a small sampling of how Shoot! ballistics software can help you:

  • Store, organize and access all your gun and reload information quickly and easily.
  • Fully optimize your gun/ammo combination (this information alone is vital to your shooting success).
  • Easily compare different loads using graphs or target images (you’ll be surprised to learn the differences with this unique tool).
  • Calculate Ballistics For Your Favorite Ammo/Handload out to 2500 yards/meters!
  • Set the wind speed and wind direction and watch how it affects your favorite bullet downrange at any range out to 2500 yards/meters
  • How different atmospheric conditions effect your load’s downrange performance (all you do is watch a target image on the screen so you immediately understand.)

“I purchased a new rifle 2 months before hunting season and needed a good load for moose hunting. I didn’t have a lot of time to play with several loads and test them as much as I would normally have for hunting. With the Shoot program I was able to set my scope for a 250 meter zero that allowed me to harvest a Northern Alberta Moose with 1 shot at 350 meters. The bullet went where Shoot said it would and the moose only traveled 3 meters before expiring. Thank you for an easy to use program that gave me the confidence to take such a shot and know with complete confidence where the bullet was going to go.
Lonny. M. Kennett, Alberta, Canada.

  • Find the true velocity at the muzzle, not 10 yards downrange. This can mean the difference between a hit and a miss – make your shot count!
  • Do you need to know what 150gn bullets are available in .30 cal? Shoot! will tell you and any other caliber you desire, all at the click of a button. Select from 350+ calibers!
  • If you are a varmint hunter, have your favorite load analyzed in ‘Ballistic Report’ mode. You can discover what sight adjustments are required to score hits at extreme ranges.
  • Are you missing shots on running game? Find out by how much so you will learn when to take a shot on your next hunting trip.
  • Your gun is sighted-in 1″ high at 50 yards. Where will the bullet impact 100, 200 or even 300 yards downrange? No problem. Shoot! will show you exactly on the target image where the bullet impacts – even when it is off the target! You can explore the what ‘ifs’ easily and best of all, you see the result – no more figuring out ballistic tables!
  • Graph multiple trajectories on screen so you can compare loads (even print colour copies or save as a graphic file to export into Word, Excel etc.)
  • Plus much, much more…Download the free trial to see for yourself.

“My daughter Christina (age 10) just made a perfect lung & heart shot (tgt aspect was quartering away) on her 1st deer day before yesterday. 276 yds (precision) rng to tgt with my (now her’s) custom .308 sniper rifle. Your program has proven to be dead on.
The records from my data book (confirmed sub 1/2 min 3 rnd groups) on this particular rifle, and the ballistics report printed off your program do not vary more than .2 MOA out to 700 yds (max distance I have recorded results on this particular rifle). Phenomenal!!”

GYSgt Ed Dristle, Marine Sniper, 2d Force Recon Company. Jacksonville, NC, USA.


“Shoot! is a very easy program to work with. The Windows GUI is very friendly and makes moving between screens a breeze. I also like the use of the target to evaluate the positions of the projectile flight path.”
Mark Bickham Mont Albert, VIC, Australia.


“I could hardly wait to tell you of my field experience using your software as a guide to 1000 yard trajectory. I am loading for a 300RUM, and loading the Barnes SXT-BT at 3513 fps average using 103 grains of Hodgdon’s Retumbo. It helps that I have a custom rifle with a 30 inch match barrel.

I created a (cheat sheet) using SHOOT, and was able to use my Leupold 4.5×14 M1 Long Range Tactical scope to adjust quickly for every distance. I will attach my work for that scope and this rifle. It was beyond my wildest dreams when, at 958 yards, Leica 1200 Scan, my hunting partner said, “Two inches right and four low. That would have been a heart shot at nearly 1000 yards.
At 624 yards I shot next, at a small dirt clod in the same bare field, and it disappeared. Throughout every range your calc’s were right there.

I bagged a beautiful 4 point mule deer buck, and I hate to say so, but I shot him in the neck at 60 yards. This is wild land hunting. I was shocked that I got so close to him in an area of dry grass and sage brush. I Don’t have a picture to mail, but maybe I will take one, he is hanging in the shop. It is hard for me to believe that a software program can send a hunter to the field with such accuracy.

“May God bless you and your family, Les. Great job on the software. I recommend it for every serious shooter.”
Marshall Adams Woodland, WA, USA.


“Being a gunsmith, I use this program several times a week.

I get the pertinent information from the customer as to ammo used. Then I use a laser boresighter and your program to test. I insert the laser in the barrel and aim at a 25 yard target. Using your program I know how much lower than the laser dot to set the point of aim.

I can usually boresight a rifle to hit within 1 inch of the bullseye at 100 yards without further field adjustments. That’s some awesome accuracy for boresighting…Thanks to your program.

I also use a printout to show customers what to expect from their gun and ammunition at different ranges. Thanks for a great product and super service. Royce.”  Royce Williams Weatherford, TX, USA.


“Hi. I have been successfully using your ballistics software for a couple years now, along with my chronograph to get me right on target when shooting groundhogs, coyotes and prairie dogs6mm, 6.5mm and 7mm cartridges. I am very happy with it.” James Haynes, USA.


It sure makes life, and shooting, much more enjoyable when I can sit at my computer and input various data to determine target strikes. When I’m out in the field with my rifle(s), I simply reference my Shoot ballistic table(s) and know exacly what adjustments that need to be made for a particular shot! I would absolutely recommend Shoot to any hunter/firearms target shooting hobbyist.Ralph L. Humphrey, USA


I have been using Shoot! since 2001, ver 2.0.  I have never been disappointed with the software.  Each time a new version is released, it really does get better.  I was not then, nor am I now great with a computer.  In the past if I had any type problem, I would email Les and he responded very quickly and helped me solve each problem.

I think the program is great and very useful as well as easy to use.  I use it to solve most of my shooting problems before I go to the range.  I use less ammo and have better results in the field.  I do some reloading as well as shooting factory ammo.  Using Shoot! I can decide on a load without building it and then shooting to see what happens.  Using the software saves time and money.

I custom sight in for the load and distance I will be deer hunting.  Since I started using the program 11 years ago, I have had back and shoulder problems develop. I cannot hold my rifle up and free hand shoot anymore.  Two years ago I started deer hunting with a handgun.  I used Shoot! to decide on a load for where I would be hunting.  I killed a 3 point the first day.  I think without the use of Shoot! I may have had to quit deer hunting.Donnie Desadier, Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA


Les, thank you for the fast response, we have version 4 now. I have put your program up against the Nightforce x-ball ballistic program when shooting 870 yards and yours was on the money and x-ball was low by 1 moa. Thanks for a great and easy to use program.

I also used Shoot! last fall hunting and did alot of long range target shooting which helped me get a nice 4 point whitetail deer at 572 yds. Thanks alot I tell everyone about your program.Mike Kelly, USA

I’ve been using your software for many years, and I wanted to let you know how much it has helped my shooting. I use it to plan my reloads, record various loads, choose factory ammunition, keep track of the status of each of my guns, and nearly everything else related to a trip to the range.” “The ‘optimize load’ feature is a favorite, and the ballistic reports get printed and stuck in my notebook before shooting. Thank you for a really great product.Robert Albright, USA


I have been using “Shoot” now for a few years. Although I am no longer shooting competitively or an active sniper any longer I still enjoy the sport probably more than I should.

This program has allowed me to more accurately predict what my factory ammo will do and how far out it will do it. I also use it in conjunction with my hand loads in several calibers for the same reasons. I have even compared the program results with live fire results in order to determine the accuracy of the program and have never found any discrepancies that would result in a miss out to 1000 yards.

When compared to other software programs that I have tried, Shoot is as accurate and by far more simple to use. I have also sent emails suggesting on boarding data from additional factory ammo manufacturers which has been included in various updates, so they do listen to their customer base.

Each time I have had to download an updated program I have had trouble with my key. The longest I remember ever having to wait for an email response from Les Pinczi, was 48 hours, and that was over a weekend. The response I always receive is here is a new key and a link to download. In a world where customer service and quality has died and been buried, Les has dug them up and revived them.

Great program, great quality of service and outstanding customer service. If you’re an active shooter and want to know more about our sport, invest in Shoot and you will enjoy it and likely learn a little something along the way.Tim Cash, USA

About 10-years ago, my childhood friend said he was getting back into deer hunting. I told him that I will join him for safety’s sake. I purchased a traditional, beautiful Remington 270 Win, had the gunsmith customize it for and add on a high quality Nikon Scope. I joined a gun club just 3-miles from my house. I purchased about 5 different manufacturers’ ammo and hit the range for the summer. I did thing the old fashion way, trial and error at the range. Once I selected the
best bullets(s) for my rifle, I took a lot of notes. Shooting from 25 yards to 200 yards was darn expensive. This all helps for shooting in the field. But there is quite a bit of educated Guessing going on. All of my shots are 1-shot kills. But, if in doubt about the shoot, I pass up the opportunity.

Then I came across Shoot! Software. I can profile any bullet before hitting the range! I am always trying different manufacturers and different loads. I assist my friends and their children with shooting. With the software I can focus more on teaching them Gun Ethics, Safety and Shooting; versus being more concerned about zero’ing the rifle.
Granted, when we’re done, they know they will be hitting at what they’re aiming at, and proper techniques.

When I am in the Deer Stand, I have Shoot! Ballistics Print Outs with me, and info taped on the side of my range finder. During the summer, I’ll shoot 200 rounds through my rifle. During the Deer Hunting season, 1 use 1-3 bullets for 1-3 deer. With the Shoot! Software, I have 1-Shot kills out to 350 yards. My average shooting is in the 180 – 240 yard range. I still let quite a few deer walk. But when I shoot, it is a 1-shot kill. The last buck I took was standing 180 yards out in very tall prairie grass, straight on at me. And, he was looking right at me. I couldn’t see the chest area, and that shot would have been messy. I don’t often take neck shots. But, this was a very harvestable deer, and the numbers of deer I let walked that season were low. The Neck Shot dropped him right in his tracks, placed exactly where I wanted it. My childhood friend and I have been deer hunting for 40 years now; longer for squirrel hunting and fishing. With him, and the folks in the small town I live in, I am known for my shooting. I will bring in a target from the range where 12 holes all can be covered by a quarter.

This software is an excellent tool. People that I assist normally go out and buy the software. I tell them if you want to be a good shooter, you need this as part of the process!Rick Syverson, USA

All testimonials displayed on this page are unsolicited and from REAL people who bought this software.


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