Understand Rifle Ballistics…

Understanding rifle ballistics will give you the edge when hunting, target shooting and varminting.

Knowledge of how your favourite rifle/bullet combination performs ballistically at various ranges is what rifle ballistics is all about.

If you know the rifle ballistics of your favourite deer gun, then such knowledge will boost your confidence in taking long 250-350 yard shots because you already know what the bullet is doing at those ranges.

Fortunately, understanding rifle ballistics is quick and simple with Shoot! ballistics software due to the visual nature of the program (ie. scaled target showing actual bullet impact at various ranges).

Shoot! will also help you really understand, in an instant, visual way, the following:

  • Actual bullet deflection due to crosswinds (just watch the target image in the program and instantly understand)
  • Bullet drop at various ranges (once again, watch the target – just like shooting at the range!)
  • How a change in temperature or altitude affects the bullet impact
  • Plus much more…

As you can see, understanding rifle ballistics is key to making your every shot spot on target, so get to know your favourite reloads/factory ammo today and download Shoot! from the download link in the menu to the right.

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