Bullet Trajectories

Bullet trajectories is about exterior ballistics. Exterior ballistics is all about what happens to our bullet once it leaves the muzzle of the gun/rifle.

Calculating bullet trajectories is very easy with Shoot! ballistics software. In an instant you can see where the bullet will strike along its trajectory (visually, of course).

So why calculate bullet trajectories? So you can understand where your preferred factory ammunition or reloaded ammunition will impact at various ranges, allowing you to know when to shoot or not to shoot.

Shoot! calculates the bullet trajectory values you need to know and presents this ballistic data in an easy to read ‘ballistics report’.

If you know the bullet trajectories for your load/ammo, this information is useful when shooting at long ranges. Without this information, one could easily miss their intended target.

Generating external ballistics trajectories reports is so simple with Shoot!

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