Calculate Accurate Ballistics Tables

Calculate ballistics table with any factory ammunition (such as Hornady, Winchester, etc) or your own reloads using Shoot! ballistics app/software.

Ballistics tables contain information useful for target and hunting rifles and those who reload their own ammunition – such as wind deflection, bullet trajectory, bullet drop, time of flight, etc. at any range.

Lets say you wanted to calculate ballistics tables for your 30-06 hunting rifle using 180gr Hornady Spire Point bullets. All you do is enter a few values related to your rifle/ammo into the program, press a button and the ballistics table is done – ready for printing!

Once the ballistics tables are printed to paper, you can carry such sheets with you for quick reference while varmint shooting or other long range shooting that requires precision.

As you can see, ballistics tables are extremely handy whether you shoot paper targets or snipe prairie dogs at long range.

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