Examine 45-70 Ballistics with Shoot!

Generating 45-70 ballistics is as easy as clicking a button using Shoot! ballistics app/software.

The 45-70 shoots big, heavy 0.458″ diameter bullets ranging in weight from 300-400gr, at relatively low velocity (ie, 1700fps). However, the ballistics of the 45-70 is quite impressive, especially the downrange energy in ft-lbs.

The 45-70 ballistics is ideally suited to short range shooting, such as in the woods where most shots are taken under 100 yards.

The ballistics of the 45-70 shooting 400gr bullets is ideal for big game at short to moderate ranges. This is where the 45-70 performs best, and the ballistics prove it.

The Shoot! ballistics app includes a number of 45-70 ammunition and bullets from different manufacturers so you can generate all types of easy to understand 45-70 ballistics reports, charts, etc.

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