300 wsm ballistics and 270 wsm ballistics

Calculate 300 wsm ballistics and 270 wsm ballistics at the click of a button, and see how they compare with 300 win mag and 270 ballistics using Shoot! ballistics app/software.

The new 300 wsm and 270 wsm cartridges from Winchester are popular among hunters. When you compare 270 ballistics against 270 wsm ballistics, the latter cartridge beats the former classic by roughly 200 fps (shooting the same 130gr projectile).

The 300 wsm, on the other hand, duplicates 300 win mag ballistics, but with less powder and much shorter cartridge length. This results in less felt recoil too.

The 300 wsm and 270 wsm ballistics are impressive, but what makes them even more appealing when compared to a regular 270 or 300 win mag, is the short-action length and therefore more compact, handier rifle.

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