Examine 22 Hornet Ballistics using Shoot!

So you want to calculate 22 Hornet ballistics? No problem. Just use Shoot! ballistics app/software.

The 22 Hornet was designed for small game and short to medium range varmint shooting.

The 22 Hornet fires a diminutive 40gr .22 cal bullet at a velocity of around 2700fps. Such ballistics makes the 22 Hornet suitable for 170-200 yard shooting. Beyond 200 yards, the 22 Hornet ballistics is such that the small bullet is easily deflected by the slightest breeze.

To get the most out of the 22 Hornet ballistically, one would reload. Fast powders work best.

Calculating 22 Hornet ballistics with Shoot! ballistics app/software is simple. Just select a suitable 22 Hornet load or bullet from the built-in database in Shoot! and you are ready to go!

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