Understanding Firearm Ballistics

Understanding firearm ballistics is easy, thanks to Shoot! ballistics app/software.

Understanding firearm ballistics with our ballistics app/software is unique. Why? Shoot! takes all those complicated formulas, calculates the data and presents that data in a way that every shooter/hunter can instantly understand.

Here is one example of how understanding firearm ballistics is made simple with Shoot! Instead of using only numbers to show the trajectory of your favourite hunting ammo, Shoot! presents a target image (to scale) that shows the impact point at any range you desire.

Its easy understanding firearm ballistics when you present the data visually, such as an image or picture. Just one glance at the picture and you understand – its not hard at all!

Shoot! was designed this way, using visuals instead of only raw ballistic data, so any shooter/hunter, no matter their ballistic knowledge, would understand what their favourite gun/ammo is doing and how to take full advantage of that in the field. Understanding firearm ballistics should always be this simple.

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