How I Use Shoot! Ballistics Software – Step 5

Go to the gun range and setup your sight-in target at 50 yards.

First sight-in the gun so the bullet strikes as close as possible to the bullseye (see image below):


Now adjust your scope’s elevation up 1.5 inches, so the next shot will impact the correct distance from the bullseye for optimum zero. Your next shot should be close to 1.5 inches high from the bullseye (see image below):


NOTE: Hints On Adjusting Your Scope

If your scope has 1/4 MOA clicks this means for every click the bullet impact will move 1/4 inch at 100 yards. However, since we are shooting at only 50 yards, we need to double the clicks to achieve the same shift in impact (i.e. elevation)

For example, to achieve a 1.5 inch movement in bullet impact, we need to adjust the elevation dial 12 clicks UP.

Remember at 100 yards, 4 clicks results in 1 inch movement (4 x 1/4 = 1 inch).

And at 50 yards, 4 clicks results in 1/2 inch movement (because the distance is halved), so we need to double the number of clicks to get the same 1 inch movement.

Well done! Your hunting/varmint gun is now optimised for your chosen factory ammunition.


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