Handgun Ballistics or Pistol Ballistics

Calculating handgun ballistics or pistol ballistics for all handgun calibers is made simple with Shoot! ballistics app/software.

Handgun hunters, for example, need to know the effective killing distance of their reloads or factory ammunition, and handgun ballistics is all about finding that optimum distance.

No matter what handgun or pistol caliber you shoot, you can calculate handgun ballistics using Shoot! for calibers such as:

  • 9mm, 357 Magnum
  • 480 Ruger
  • 454 Casull
  • 44 Magnum
  • 475 Linebaugh
  • Plus many more…

Handgun metallic silhouette shooters, on the other hand, need to know if their handgun ammunition has enough energy at 200 yards to knock down those heavy, thick steeled silhouette targets, and handgun ballistics will point them in the right direction.

If you are a handgun or pistol shooter, and you want to understand handgun ballistics, click the link below to download Shoot!

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