Calculating Bullet Drop

Calculating bullet drop out to 1500 yards/metres is quick and easy with Shoot! Ballistics app/software.

So what is Bullet Drop? As soon as the bullet leaves the rifle’s barrel, it is subject to gravity and begins to drop immediately.

Shoot! calculates the bullet drop and you can view the drop values in a ‘ballistics report’ under the column named ‘Drop(Inches)’. If numbers in this column do not vary markedly from range to range, then the load is a flat shooter.

If you know the bullet drop for your load/ammo, this information is useful when shooting at long ranges. Without this information, one could easily miss their intended target.

Generating external ballistics reports is so simple with Shoot!

Remember, Drop is always measured from the Line of Departure (LOD). That is, the path of the bullet as it leaves the rifle’s barrel.

Shoot! ballistics app/software is the easiest way to automatically calculate bullet drop with one click of a button – download today!

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