About Ballistics of 44 Magnum

The 44 Magnum was introduced in 1955 and was touted the ‘most powerful handgun cartridge in the world’. Without a doubt, the ballistics of the 44 Magnum proved the above statement to be true.

However, the 44 Magnum no longer holds that title because in the last few years newer handgun cartridges emerged that are far more powerful on paper – ballistically speaking of course!

Nevertheless, the 44 Magnum is a fine handgun cartridge. The ballistics of the 44 Magnum is such that it is capable of taking most species of North American game, at short range.

Reloading the 44 Magnum is easy, with bullets available from 180 – 300gr in weight and different styles. As you can see, tailoring a handload to produce the desired ballistics performance is made simple with such a selection of bullet weights/designs.

The 44 Magnum is a legendary handgun cartridge and is still going strong 50 years after its introduction.

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