All About 8mm Ballistics

It does not matter if you shoot an 8mm Remington magnum, 8mm-06 or 8x57mm Mauser – its simple to determine 8mm ballistics out to 1000 yards using Shoot! ballistics app/software.

No matter what 8mm cartridge you shoot, understanding its ballistics will help you better understand ideal energy/velocity levels for hunting, as an example.

Its useful to know range limitations for a given bullet weight at a given velocity or best zero range for your 8mm, and ballistics software like Shoot! calculates and presents this information to you in an easy to understand format.

The 8mm Remington magnum, for example, drives a 150gr bullet at over 3300fps – simply stunning 8mm ballistics! Its imperative to generate a ballistics report for such a load because its then simple to determine ideal sight settings and therefore maximum point blank range.

Don’t leave it to guess work when it comes to 8mm ballistics – use Shoot! ballistics app/software to fine tune your 8mm.

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