Calculate .45 ACP Ballistics

The .45 ACP ballistics are impressive on paper, firing a 240gr bullet at around 850fps – ample downrange energy to stop your intended target at short range.

In fact, elite military units have opted to stick with the .45 ACP over the popular 9mm because its ballistics is superior (ie, energy developed) in close combat shooting – where stopping power is critical.

Not only does the .45 ACP offer excellent terminal ballistics performance, it is also an accurate cartridge too.

The .45 ACP is popular among handgun reloaders, because it is so easy to reload and extract whatever downrange ballistics the shooter desires, using a variety of bullet weights and types.

The .45 ACP is here to stay. Calculating .45 ACP ballistics is made so easy with Shoot! ballistics app/software.

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