375 Ruger Ballistics

Calculate 375 Ruger ballistics easily with Shoot! ballistics app/software.

The 375 Ruger shoots the same, time proven 0.375 diameter hunting bullets used on Elephants to Deer. To realize the full potential of this awesome new .375 Cal from Ruger, you’ll need to know 375 Ruger Ballistics.

When the 375 Ruger is loaded with heavy 300gr bullets, it shoots flatter, hits harder and exceeds the velocity of the old 375 H&H Magnum by about 145fps.

To take full advantage of the new 375 Ruger, you’ll need to workout its ballistics and sight-in appropriately, something that can only be done by using ballistics software like Shoot!

As you can see, understanding 375 Ruger ballistics is vital if you wish to extract maximum ballistic performance from this fine, new big game cartridge.

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