About 357 Sig Ballistics

The 357 Sig was designed for law enforcement use, so 357 Sig ballistics is primarily about stopping power at short range. The 357 Sig came to life after a joint venture between Federal and Sig arms.

Firing a 0.355″ bullet, the 357 Sig ballistics is hard hitting and flat shooting, as well as accurate. The 357 Sig ballistics performance is virtually identical to 38 Super and 9mm Winchester Magnum.

Handloaders wanting to gain maximum ballistics performance from the 357 Sig would do well to load the heavier bullets available, because the 357 Sig does not handle light bullets well.

The 357 Sig fires a 115gr bullet at about 1300fps – not bad ballistics for a small cartridge fired from a semi-automatic handgun.

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