Discover 357 Magnum Ballistics

The 357 Magnum is a popular handgun cartridge and for good reason. Introduced in 1935, the 357 Magnum ballistics is impressive using a range of bullets weighing from 110 – 180gr.

When it was first introduced, the 357 Magnum ballistics was ahead of all other handgun cartridges, in terms of power or energy developed at the muzzle. The 44 magnum took over 20 years later.

With a wide range of suitable bullets and powders available for the 357 Magnum, developing handloads to match the required ballistics performance is easy, whether it be for law enforcement, hunting or just plinking.

To get the best ballistics out of the 357 Magnum, use slow burning powders for consistent results. The 357 Magnum will always remain a popular choice with handgun shooters.

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