Understand 300 Ultra Mag Ballistics

Analyze 300 Ultra Mag Ballistics with ease using Shoot! ballistics app/software.

The 300 Ultra Mag from Remington is relatively new to the shooting world, offering incredible downrange ballistics.

The 300 Ultra Mag fires a 180gr bullet at a sizzling 3250fps. Because the 300 Ultra Mag is designed for extreme long range shooting, its essential to work out optimum sight settings and point blank range using Shoot! ballistics software.

To realize how flat shooting the 300 Ultra Mag is, use Shoot! ballistics software to compare 300 Ultra Mag Ballistics to other 30 caliber favourites, like the 30-06.

Its interesting using Shoot! to analyze and compare 300 Ultra Mag Ballistics – download your copy today!

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