Comprehend 257 Roberts Ballistics with Shoot!

Its never been easier to calculate 257 Roberts ballistics than using Shoot! ballistics app/software.

The 257 Roberts, firing a 0.257″ bullet weighing from 75 – 120gr is a flat shooting, accurate and long range cartridge.

Shooting 117 – 120gr bullets of the right design and construction, the 257 Robert produces ballistics a notch above the 6mm cartridges, and is especially suited for smaller deer species at long ranges.

What makes the 257 Roberts perfect for varmint shooting is its ability to push light 75gr bullets at around 3300fps. Such ballistics from the 257 Roberts makes 300-400 yard varmint shooting feasible.

To fully understand what the 257 Roberts is capable of, in terms of ballistics, simply download your free copy of Shoot! ballistics app/software today.

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