25 WSSM Ballistics and 25-06 Ballistics

Calculate 25 WSSM ballistics with one click of a button, and analyze how this hot new cartridge from Winchester compares with classic 25-06 ballistics using Shoot! ballistics app/software.

The new 25 wssm cartridge from Winchester is causing quite a stir among deer hunters and those who love to shoot the famous 25-06 Remington. When you compare 25 wssm ballistics against 25-06 ballistics, the ballistics are virtually identical.

The 25 wssm is not only a shorter cartridge than the 25-06, but the the short, fat cartridge design of the 25 wssm results in highly efficient powder burning, thereby producing consistent shot to shot muzzle velocity and a high level of accuracy.

The 25 wssm ballistics and 25-06 ballistics are the same, but what makes this cartridge even more appealing when compared to a regular 25-06 is the super short-action length and therefore more compact, handier rifle of lightweight design.

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